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ParticleScan CR

The ParticleScan CR is an advanced laser particle counter for the fast and accurate measurement of airborne particle concentrations in controlled environments and cleanrooms. 

- Sophisticate data logging and high network compatibility

- Provide exceptional value with a detection range of 0.3 to 30 microns

- Design for fast and accurate measurement of airborne particle concentrations in controlled environments and cleanrooms
- Verify particle levels in cleanrooms
- Monitor laminar flow benches & clean air cabinets
- Test HEPA & ULPA filters for efficiency & leakage
- Track down particulate contamination sources
- Evaluate effectiveness of contamination control measures
- Log air contamination levels for reporting & record keeping
- Analyse logged data for remedial action
- Store, organise, analyse & print data in spreadsheets
- Display & communicate air pollution levels effectively in graphs
Supplied Accessories:

- Transport case for field use
- Isokinetic probe for accurate sampling
- Purge filter for cleaning & zero calibration
- Mains power adaptor / NiMH battery charger
- Instruction manual
- Calibration certificate
- CD-ROM with ParticleTrak software for data logging onto PC and Palm
- PC serial cable for data transfer to PC
- Palm serial adaptor for data transfer to Palm OS hand-held computers