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Cleanzone 5300

The IQAir Cleanzone Series air cleaning system is a powerful mobile air cleaning system which offers high-volume and high efficiency performance. The air purification system can provide purified clean air to indoor environment even with large size by maximizing the reduction of particulate matter and microorganisms. IQAir Cleanzone 5300 can also control chemical contaminants and odours with its 12 pieces of GCX cartridge filter.

1. Most powerful air cleaning system of its class
2. Gas-phase filtration of over 2000 contaminants
3. Improves air quality by up to 99%
4. Choice of gas phase media for optimised removal of gaseous chemicals and odours
5. Ultra quiet operation
6. Safety approved in accordance with hospital norms
7. Suitable for FDA-required controlled environments
8. Engineered for airborne infection control and compliance with OSHA and CDC guidelines

High-performance filtration of:
· Fine and ultra fine particles of all types
· Infectious bacteria, viruses and spores (TB, SARS, MRSA, Aspergillus, Influenza A and B, etc.)
· Tobacco smoke particles
· VOCs, such as benzene, toluene and xylene, etc.
· Formaldehyde and other carcinogenic substances

ApplicationMaximum reduction of particulate matter and microorganisms
Max. airflow rate1,800 m3/h
Removal efficiency for particulates (>0.3 micron)99.97%
Weight (incl. filters)120 kg
Gas phase filtration media content31 kg (based on MultiGasTM media.)
Electrical configuration220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption25 - 500 W
Dimensions (incl. casters)643 x 643 x 1,943 mm

- Maximum reduction of gaseous substances, odours and microorganisms
F1 - Pre-filter
- Type: PreMax 500 high-capacity fine dust filter (class F9 / MERV 16)

F2 - Broad-spectrum gas & odour filter
- Type: 12 pieces of gas & odour control filter cartridges
- Available filter options:
> MultiGas GCX: for controlling a wide range of gaseous and chemical contaminants
> VOC GCX: mainly for controlling volatile organic compounds
(e.g. benzene, toluene, xylenes), chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, etc.
> ChemiSorber GCX: mainly for controlling formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, etc.
> AM GCX: mainly for controlling ammonia and other base substances

F3 – Particle-filter
- Type: HyperHEPA 300-filter drum class H12/13
Advanced controls

- 10 selectable fan speeds settings
- Intelligent filter life monitor and filter replacement LEDs
- Advanced timer to allow programming of operating hours and weekdays
- Supplied with remote control & power cord with plug
- Supplied with heavy duty casters for easy relocation and quick emergency deployment