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About AirTek

A New Era of Indoor Air Quality in Hong Kong

With the birth of the subsidiary of Fabri-Technic Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd., AirTek Ltd., on 1 July 2009, there will definitely be a brand new page for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Hong Kong. Inheriting the principle of providing professional IAQ expertise to customers, AirTek will also endeavor to include more advanced IAQ equipment and air purifying systems, as well as better maintenance services to our end-users, in order to fulfill the motto "Good Health Start with Clean Air".

As the sole agent of IQAir® in Hong Kong, Fabri-Technic Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd. has long been performing a leading role in the IAQ industry. We are eager to make progress and become the best among all.

For years Fabri-Technic has been promoting IQAir® and making it to become the most outstanding air purifying system in Hong Kong. Currently, it is the only brand that is applied in more than  80% of hospitals within the territory.

Apart from IQAir®, Airtek is also the sole distributor of Nilfisk Extreme Series Vacuum Cleaner and Biotek system. Our goal is to provide wide variety of healthy living products to our high-ended users. As such, your continual support will surely be our motivation to make further development.